Spoileral ssg list

This page contains download links to all kinds of different patches or tools applicable to the official Touhou shooting games. Some of the patches are also available at Touhou Patch Center and can be used through their automatic translation patcher and modding toolwhich can also be downloaded using our mirror below see THCRAP section.

These patches will have the favicon of their site next to them.

spoileral ssg list

The input delay is mostly prevalent in the older games EoSD to IN and running them on Vpatch will significantly improve the gameplay experience. Translation patches into English and many other languages, as well as countless modifications to gameplay, graphics and more, plus the ability to make your own, are provided by the Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher THCRAP for all Windows Touhou games.

The thpatch. Extract it into the folders of these games for it to take effect. These are mostly complete score. Japanese program that can load. The 4. SSGs 4. SSGs niL, Japanese. SSGs niL, English translated. Patches intended for efficient practice in one or more games, allowing the player to skip to patterns or changing power and such.

Single practice tool that works on all of the official Touhou shoot 'em up games, allowing you to change settings or skip to patterns at will. The LoLK one was made for v1. Allows skipping to any part of the game, similar to Riri's practice tools, using an in-game menu. Select A in-game for full stage practice, B for midboss and boss and C for boss only. Refer to the readme file for further information.

Modifications to the main. The skipping applies to both full runs and practice runs. Boss Rush Patches by Martin. All midbosses and bosses are included, everything else being kept the same.

There are also 'boss-only' versions that do skip the midbosses. Boss Rush Patches by Drake. Note that the safe areas on Border of Wave and Particle and Utsuho's 3rd spell are removed in this patch.


Patches intended for practicing one or a few specific patterns in a game. Makes Kanako skip to Virtue of Wind God her final spell and makes Aya skip to Peerless Wind God her timeout spellwhich will also repeat itself indefinitely.

Timeout Phase Collection by Martin. HSiFS season finals and Extra final. UFO Tsubakura mod by Priw8 th12tsuba. Also changes the dialogues and endings. DDC Sanae by Priw8 th14sanae. LoLK Sakuya by Priw8 th15sakuya. Patches that increase the bullet density and speed throughout the game, while giving you autobombs to compensate for it.Hi, I found your link in google search nice blogs you write check by blog here How to grow twitter followers here.

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Can you upload the new one? It's a pain searching for another link.

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I'm not sure if anyone will ever see this, but I am getting desperate, so here goes nothing: I can't seem to get my spoilerAL working, I must have screwed up something cuz I've used it for years. Now it won't seem to detect any ssg I have, it just starts fully blank and it would be a real tragedy, to me at least, if I were unable to use it anymore.

SpoilerAL is a memory editor that has tons of tables for eroge.

SpoilerAL汉化版(SSG修改器) v6.2 中文版

Download SpoilerAL from here. Download the game tables from here. Now run the program, it's in Japanese but don't worry just follow this guide. Posted at PM. Labels: cheatseroge.

Unknown October 30, at PM. Unknown April 20, at AM.

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M April 20, at AM. Unknown December 28, at PM. Sakura March 26, at AM. Noitrus September 8, at PM. Unknown January 15, at AM. Unknown August 13, at AM. Unknown March 11, at PM. Unknown May 12, at PM. Stryker Zero July 5, at PM. Unknown July 25, at AM.

How to install dmg file on mac

Kaiserleon November 2, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Select the cheat you want, in this case the chara param list. Finally select and edit the relevant stats you want to cheat.The SSG 08 is commonly nicknamed Scout due to its heavy physical resemblance to its predecessor. It holds 10 rounds per magazine and has a very large reserve capacity at 90 rounds.

It also has a long reload time like the AWP. It has good bullet penetration power. Like the Scout, the weapon is lightweight for a sniper rifle, but players will not gain a speed bonus with SSG 08 out and will have a speed of units per second. As a sniper rifle, the weapon is equipped with a high power lens scope for long range engagement. When not scoped in, the rifle is inaccurate though better than the AWP and has no crosshair to assist aiming.

The scope can be used with secondary fire, and pressing secondary fire again while scoped in zooms in the scope. Unlike other sniper rifles, the player's movement speed is not reduced while scoped in. Firing the weapon causes the player to leave the scope temporarily to operate the bolt before automatically scoping in again. The player will leave the scope if they use secondary fire again at the higher zoom setting or switches weapons. When zoomed in and not moving, the rifle has a near-perfect accuracy, able to hit anything as long as the crosshair of the scope is on target.

Moving drastically reduces accuracy, and even more so with jumping. However, one notable aspect of the SSG 08 is that it is very accurate at the peak of a vertical jump. It is the only weapon in the entire Counter-Strike series to be able to perfectly retain its hipfire accuracy at the peak of a jump.

Like its predecessor, the SSG 08 will always deliver instant headshot kills, but is unable to achieve an instant bodyshot kill unlike the AWP. However, unlike the Scout, the SSG 08 can kill unarmored targets at full health with a shot to the gut.

Due to the unusual location of the hitbox location however, this is a difficult task to achieve. Overall, the SSG 08 is a serviceable sniper rifle option for the team sniper in early rounds and eco rounds, usually replaced by the AWP when the economy is favorable.

In the said game mode, the SSG 08 has no midair accuracy penalties and allowing to shoot the enemies in midair with reduced gravity.

Sengoku Hime 2/SSG

Note the gap between the weapon and the thumb.Kamidori Alchemy Meister Hack Below here is a way to cheat or hack Kamidori Alchemy Meister by editing characters or adding items that are tedious to get.

Some people cannot find the links to the programs or downloads, so I have made my own. In this, the SSG for Kamidori is already included in the program, so no need to make an extra file transfer. Step 6: Then, search for the item you want from the left menu and click on it.

spoileral ssg list

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Thant San Member. Jun 2, Can I change my system locale back to English after installing the game? I mean if I change back to English will the game still run?

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Oct 1, 6, 5, Thant San said:. Reactions: Thant San. Skinner Newbie. Jul 6, 50 TheBlueKnight said:. If a game needs the system locale changed then it'll need that locale every time you start it up.In the Setetori region of the southern part of the Raulbhach continent lies the Mikelti Kingdom.

Among the seven major cities is the artisan city of Yuidora. This is where a young orphan named Wilfred lives, pursuing his dream of becoming an alchemist. As tensions between neighboring nations rise and a threat of war looms, three girls in distress come to his place and he helps protect them.

Using a new technique that he discovered and with the help of other races, will they be able to restore peace to the lands? Game download Free download English patch Related links Kamidori. When I try to install it, it gave me two error. Anybody know how to solve it? You may need to install Windows 10 Japaneese fonts but it works perfectly with both patches installed.

So I have no Idea if anyone is going to answer but I have a problem. I recently redownloaded this after getting a new computer but I am missing a bunch of content. Just copy and replace…every encounter. When do the Bonus Characters like Lily show up? So I wanted to quickly post here how I got Kamidori to work on windows Click control panel. Select Country or region right at the top and pick Japan. Scroll down now to the option Administrative language settings. In the Administrative tab select Change system locale… 6.

Here again Select Japanese and press okay. Restart your computer and see if you can install the game properly now. Hello everyone i just wanted to tell everyone that this game is truly a work of art. I can tell you that this is the most addictive game i have ever played except from Sengoku Rance. Thats why i am Downloading again to relive all that and Finally thank you Guys who posted this game on this site really really a big Thanks to all of you. I need the installation instructions.

How to patch and all that. I am new to this. Hi, i can install it fine,but i cant hear any voices The sound,music, all of it seems fine, but only the voices that didnt come out any idea about this? I am with the same problem, the female characters are mute, if you manage to fix yours can you help me? Ah, surprisingly addicting game to play. Ah, if only there was a proper English patch of other Eushully games.

My game lags every time opening video plays and it freezes when i run over the feather in the 1. I installed cccp and went trough lav filter options since that was a suggestion on some other forum. Is it normal that all the h-scenes are censored with a pixellated area? I thought this was the uncensored version.

Another is sometimes the characters will disappear for a second in conversation. Anyone know what the issue is? Hey i have problem,how did you guys fix missing.

spoileral ssg list

I installed the game properly from here, but the game additionals from 2. I am currently avoiding a windows 10 OS update like the plague, because the last time I installed it Obviously I have since uninstalled itit caused the text of Kamidori to get squished up and be annoying to read.Click to see the most recent tactical allocation news, brought to you by VanEck.

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Investors should note that SSG's leverage resets on a daily basis, which results in compounding of returns when held for multiple periods.

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SSG can be a powerful tool for sophisticated investors, but should be avoided by those with a low risk tolerance or a buy-and-hold strategy.